Professional Experience

Strategic user experience/user interface designer and design manager with over 10 years of experience, demonstrating a history of working across many fields and markets, including advertising, retail, finance, and technology. Recognized for passionate work ethic, problem-solving skills, strategic decision making, and successful delivery of work.


Senior Product Designer | Boston, MA

2021 - Present

  • Spearheading the drive to improve device connectivity and engagement by launching new features and applications that allow members to have a clearer picture how to customize their software and hardware settings, as well as allowing them to tackle technical problems on their own first. This result was a drastic reduction in MXR tickets which equated to greater than $100k savings per month.

  • Serving as a mentor for junior designers, as well as a thought leader for product design and strategy across the entire Whoop Product and Engineering organization.

  • Leading the Internationalization team, tasked to internationalize Whoop in just over 6 months across all teams and features by creating a scalable framework for Design, Product, and Engineering to follow, with the team successfully enabling German for over 10,000 members on April 4th and contributing between 4-8% of membership growth per month from new international customers.

  • Established the WHOOP Product Language and Design System, with version 1.0.0 launched March of 2022. Managed a team of 3 other designers to help build key components and templates for the Design System, which have helped to save thousands of developer hours this year and become an exponential force multiplier as time goes on and more components are built.


Senior UX Designer | Boston, MA

2018 - 2021

  • Served as a leader in user experience, design and strategy across multiple teams and projects; built and created a cross platform design system from the ground up. Established channels for Design and Eng. to work better together.

  • Constantly drove improvements to the user experience that helped generate or save over $2M in revenue saved per a year on average, and touch over 15 million roadside customers every year

  • Strove to push the design and users experience to maintain the highest quality possible, while meeting business goals; continuing to build and refine products for 5 different user groups.


UX/UI Designer | Boston, MA

2016 - 2018

  • Lead the user experience design and strategy; completed up to 5 projects and solutions a quarter, both small and large across the global environment.

  • Initiated and implemented product line expertise with design of data visualization services, improvement of features,adding new functionality, and the redesign of new sections of sub products.

  • Evaluate and strategically plan new projects using data analysis, original user feedback, competitive analysis and pain points for the user.


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